Smart Host & SMTP Relay for Email Servers

When using our transparent Anti Spam solution, we can configure your system, let`s say Microsoft Exchange Server or any other SMTP Server for example, to allow outbound SMTP mail relay or Smarthost, including outbound Anti Virus filtering, all this absolutely FREE of charge.

The Smart Host option is included in the transparent Anti Spam Filtering Service and is very useful for environments where some limitations are imposed by certain ISPs blocking TCP 25 port. Our smarthost will enable our clients to send emails. Perhaps your IP is also part of a network blacklist (DNSBL) which leads to the inability to send emails, if that is your case, our Smarthost will really help.

We do use alternate TCP ports for our smarthost to avoid those blockages as well as SMTP Authentication and Encryption.

Remember that no software or additional hardware is necessary for the proper functioning of our smarthost service.

Please note that the Smarthost or SMTP relay service can't be contracted separately. It is included with the Spam Filtering service, witch includes it as one package at no extra cost.

Our Smarthost service is 100 % compatible with the following servers:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 - 2003 - 2007 - 2010
  • Novell Groupwise
  • Lotus Notes
  • Mail Enable
  • Merak Email Server
  • Kerio Mail Server
  • Linux Send Mail
  • Any other server 100% compatible with RFC for SMTP Servers