Anti Spam Filter & Blocker - How Does it Works? Benefits

Iberwall Hosted Filtering - How does it works?

Iberwall Hosted Anti Spam Filtering for Email Servers

With a simple change at your DNS servers, pointing the MX record at our network, your email company will be protected by our Anti Spam, a cloud based solution, including SMTP Relay or Smart Host, to avoid potential blockage of ports and IPs caused by DNSBLs where your IP address range could be included.

Iberwall Hosted Filtering operates on a network that contains fault-tolerant servers with Redundant WAN lines, including load balancing, QoS policies. In the unlikely possibility that one of the lines is unavailable, traffic is automatically routed to any of the other networks with full transparency, minimizing the possibility of any interruption in the service.

Advantages of Hosted Filtering Iberwall.

  • No hardware or software must be purchased or installed.
  • No additional training required to make the changes, the whole process will be guided by ourl technicians.
  • There will be no interruption in mail service because changes are gradual and controlled.
  • It doesn't involve changing your existing ISP, if that is your wish.
  • Your server may be in networks with dynamic IPs and operate on alternative TCP ports to send and receive emails through our network. This will avoid potential blockages of certain ISPs that arbitrarily close Outgoing SMTP ports.
  • IP reputation filtering or IERS DNSBL is also included.
  • Filter images, PDFs, video files and text.
  • Autowhitelist to avoid false positives.
  • Three levels of Antivirus.
  • IDS protection + ADP, your server remain totally hidden and 100% protected from DDoS attacks, DHA, Spam bombs, etc.
  • Possibility to filter LDAP & Greylisting.
  • Control SPF, DKIM, Sender ID.

Example 1: Iberwall NET Services, AS 12715 Network Diagram - Network ONE

Iberwall NET Services Network Diagram

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