Hosted Filtering Solution for Microsoft Exchange -

10 Reasons

1) Iberwall Email Reputation Services DNSBL or IERS

Our DNSBL list, or IERS, which has been self-developed, contains IP addresses of dynamic networks, also ISPs well-known in the world that generate SPAM. Our DNSBL list is constantly monitored, since its main function is to block IPs at the session level for those who connect to our frontends to send email to our customers. If the attempt comes from untrusted networks, it is automatically rejected in less than 1 second.

Our DB has more than 1,900 million IP addresses, and occasionally cross-checked with queries against any other DNSBL suppliers such as Spamhaus, Cisco Sender Base, Barracuda Central, L1 UCE protect, among others. The catch rate is round 85% at the level of IP sessions with false positives rate near zero. This list, saves you a lot of bandwith. Top

Check if your IP is on a DNSBL:

2) Email IDS / ADP Protection. Intrusion Detection System and Anomalies

After accepting the IP at the connection level, all SMTP commands are scanned for vulnerabilities and invalid syntax. If any undesired action is detected, after reaching a certain threshold, the IP is blocked for 1 hour, reported to DNSBL IERS list and if there is any other member of the network DNSBL that has notified anomalies, then the IP will be declare locked permanently into the IERS.. Top

3) Layer 1 Antivirus

Kasperky controls the initial data exchange between the source SMTP and Firewalls. With this system over 95% of viruses are stopped at the front connection, which fail to reach the Anti Spam clusters. Additionally, if a virus is detected, it will be reported to the DNSBL IERS and declare the IP blocked temporarily or permanently depending on the cross reputation check. Top

4) Frontend Anti Spam cluster + Anti virus Layer 2

If an email managed to pass the previous checks, it is accepted for Spam evaluation, if it is identified as such it's contrasted with the DB of IERS and blocked temporarily or permanently. The customer can choose between "tag and deliver" or "Delete Spam". Of course, every email is checked again with Layer 2 AVG Anti Virus, Clam AV, and finally with Sophos AV. Top

5) Email delivered to the end user

Only when the email gets through all the above check points it's delivered to the destination server of our client, usually using alternarnate ports to hide the remote TCP 25. If the destination is down, mails are automatically queue up and a delivery retry is done every 1 minute to all the IPs declared as valid target servers, this queue is maintained for up to 96 hours in FIFO format (First Entered First Out). For more availability and flexibility in critical moments, these addresses can be dynamic as long as if they registering some FQDN provider such as DynDNS or similar. Top

6) Full compatibility with other Anti Spam solutions

The entire solution is designed to cooperate with any remote system Anti Spam that our client may have, but this is not required because our Hosted Filtering covers 100% of all the antispam filtering needs. Top

7) Optional over night protection

For companies that require additional protection to the email structure and wish to have peace of mind with a 24x7 mail filtering solution service, they will have and additional transparent protection acting as a Backup. This is done by reprogramming the frontend Firewall of the client to accept mail, for example, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and then close the SMTP port, doing so, all emails will enter Iberwal network. Take into account that 90% of the attacks, bombs and flooding of Spam emails are performed at night, especially on holidays and weekends. Top

8) Autowhitelist

Our clusters generate Autowhitelists for all the email addresses that are going through all the AS/AV checks and are also found on the smarthost logs.

9) Reporting

The client will obtain on request reports generated with all information on blocks emails, Spam and virus detected. LOGs records will be stored and managed by Iberwall under the terms of service contract and confidentiality. Top

10) Experience

With over 250 thousand email sessions per hour, permanent DNS presence in over 42 countries, monitoring threats in real time, a propietary DNSBL IERS database, Iberwall NET Services offers a managed Anti Spam solution that enables service continuity 24x7 even when there are DDoS attacks, Spam Bombs, DHA Attacks, etc., all this a very affordable costs, providing continuity to corporate email. Top